Staying at Tel Aviv Beach Hotels puts the entire strip of coastline within striking distance. The beaches of Tel Aviv offer enough diversity that it’s best to have an idea of the beaches before arrival. Enjoy the following need-to-know information about popular beaches in the area.

Hof Hatzuk While much of the area is free, this beach requires an entrance fee. As such, the facilities are top notch with sports facilities and a promenade, but a drive is necessary to get there from the center of the city.

The Separated Beach – Designated for the very religious, the beach has days that are specifically for men or women respectively. On Saturdays, however, the beach is open to the public, as the religious are engaged in services and other aspects of worship.

Gordon Beach – Be prepared to be crowded by tourists, but the beach is nice and clean. There are beach bars and cafés to take a break from the sun without leaving the view of the water.

The Hilton Beach, located at the foot of the beach hotel in Tel Aviv, is one of the most popular areas along the coastline. It is divided into three different subsections: Hof Haklavim, Atzmaut Beach and Hof HaGolshim.

Hof Haklavim – This beach is the narrowest strip in Tel Aviv and has gained the reputation as the beach for dogs. All throughout the week, all different types of breeds can be seen playing in the sand and water under the sun.

Atzmaut Beach – Open to everyone, this beach is known for attracting the gay community to its friendly shores. Named for the cliffs that sit above, the Atzmaut Beach can get packed on the weekends.

Hof HaGolshim – All year long, this beach serves as the mecca of world class surfing in the area. In addition to surfing, it also boasts great swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding. For the less adventurous, relax and enjoy the sunshine — there is something for everyone in Tel Aviv!

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