All inclusive honeymoons are very popular these days – and when you consider the cost savings they offer, its not hard to see why. If you have any plans to go away on an all inclusive honeymoon, here are some tried and tested tips you just have to know before you go. This article provides you with some easy to follow advice , that will help to ensure that you don’t encounter any road blocks as you enjoy your first holiday together as a married couple.

So, you get to the resort, after not bothering to do any research, and you realize that you have picked the wrong place!! You were looking to rest and relax, but it seems to be Spring Break 24 hours a day. Or maybe, you want to party hard, but the place is a ghost town at 10pm. Well, to avoid this happening to you, its a good idea to learn all you can about the resort before you commit to going there. Check out its website and look at the reviews online. Better still, why not give them a call and ask what the ambiance is like. That way you will get exactly what you pay for.

So you like the resort, but your room is another story. Oh no! It’s tiny, ugly, faces a brick wall, or something else just isn’t right. How did this happen? Again, there’s no use trying to blame anyone else – the simple fact is you didn’t do your research! Read the fine print on the contract before you sign for the room and check precisely what it is offering. If you didn’t pay much, the chances are your room is going to be cramped or the facilities of a poor standard; that’s just something you have to expect. Get in touch with the resort before you select your room and find out what each room offers. Ask them what “deluxe” means in contrast to “standard”, just so you know what you are paying extra for. Remember that some countries have lower standard than you might be used to, so ‘deluxe’ doesn’t always mean ‘deluxe’!!

So, now that you have your baggage in your room, it’s time to eat. Oh, dear! The food on offer doesn’t meet your tastes – there are no vegetarian, halal or kosher options, or it is just a giant buffet of items you don’t like. So, what do you do? Well, once again, forewarned is fore-armed as they say and, again, a quick call to the resort is all it takes to find out what they offer to eat. Maybe they also have a restaurant you can dine at, or maybe you can only eat at that buffet. Whatever, ask them if they can accommodate your special needs and they typically will have an option which suits you.

Now that you have arrived, so has a hurricane. You are trapped in your room for the duration of your trip, unable to do anything you had planned to do. Now for a pair of honeymooners this might be ok icon wink Avoiding Disaster On All Inclusive Honeymoons but, generally its a good idea before you book dates for your vacation, to check out what the weather is like during this time of year. You may not be able to travel at a time when there is never a threat of rain, but you can avoid the peak seasons for typhoons or hurricanes or other stormy weather.

All-inclusive honeymoons can be affordable and fun, but its best to do your research first. That means taking the time to scour the web and make a few phone calls before buying a package. If you do that, you will find that your vacation will go smoothly and you’ll have an amazing time.

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