British Columbia is a Canadian province located in the western side of the country. It is endowed with several historical sites and natural features that attract many tourists to the province. These sites are scattered in the numerous cities within BC. Below is a list of five of the most phenomenal sites that visitors must see when they visit the province.

1. BC Parliament Buildings

The Parliament buildings are located in Victoria, on the banks of the Inner Harbor. This building is quite imposing since it occupies 12 acres of land. The government of BC assembles here to make laws and decisions that govern the province. The construction of this building started in 1893 and local materials, personnel and resources were used. The foundations are made from granite rocks and the walls from bricks and lime. The parliament was officially opened in 1898, but the upgrades, additions and finishing were completed in 1915. Visitors can also see the passengers’ ferries, sailboats and yachts moving along the Inner Harbor from the building.

2. Royal British Columbia Museum

The Royal British Columbia Museum is also located in Victoria. It attracts big exhibitioners from all over the world, but they only stay for a short period of time. However, there are permanent exhibitors who portray the history of the First Nations people, such as the early gold miners and lumberjacks. The cultural galleries on the museums wall depict the beginnings of BC and takes visitors through the history of the province. It shows how BC people, economy and wildlife have changed over time. There are cave- like rooms that unite different dioramas together and every one of them gives a rich history of BC. The museum also stocks some artifacts, such as the ceremonial masks used by people of the First Nations.

3. Canada place

Canada place is situated in Vancouver on the Burrard inlet. It hosts the Vancouver World Trade Center, the Vancouver Convention Center, a permanent 3D theatre and the Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel. This landmark is uniquely designed with the exterior roof of the building made from fabric resembling white sails. The building is also the cruise ship terminal and most cruises heading to Alaska originate from here. Visitors can learn about the history of Vancouver from the building and view the harbor from this attractive structure.

4. Ogopogo

Ogopogo is a sea monster, believed to reside in the Okanagan Lake in BC. This lake is big in size since it is 1000 feet deep, 3.5 Kms wide and 169 Kms long. The creature has allegedly been sighted since the 19th century by credible witnesses. This strange creature is believed to have a length of 20 to 21 meters, with a horse-like head, a long snake-like body and humps on its back. There is a statue depicting how this creature looks like at the Okanagan Lake.

5. Victoria Butchart Gardens

These gardens are located in Victoria BC and attract many visitors. They have many paved paths that lead to gardens of flowers in a variety of colors ranging from orange, blue, red, yellow and white and meadows. There are also trails that lead to fountains and ponds. Visitors can cross the creeks using the wooden bridges. The gardens have a rich history since they are located in a place where there was a lime stone quarry in the early 1900s. The quarry was reclaimed by planting flowers and plants, transforming it to one of the most fascinating sunken garden in the world.

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