What’s so amazing about traveling to Europe? Why is European vacation so wonderful? This site is designed to help you discover the most beautiful spots in European countries. Whether you are looking for a place to spend your beach vacation this year, or you are planning to have a ski or winter vacation in the Alps, this site will provide you with interesting information about the best locations in Europe.

European vacatons can be filled with adventure and excitement, exquisite scenery, beauty and charm. Explore the most romantic locations you have always longed for. Soon you will become a lover who wants European vacation like no other. Find out about the most eye-catching cities in Europe or hike through the Alps with your partner.

European Vacation Tips

Here are just a few quick Europe vacation tips for you:

1. Apply for a passport now if you don’t have one yet!

2. Check out your local library for guidebooks

3. Consider train transportation options – Europe has many great train lines.

4. Bring large wheeled luggage and leave room for souvenirs!

5. Bring your digital camera with extra storage cards

6. Bring medications and copies of medical information

7. Buy medical insurance!

8. Write a packing list

9. Check for travel advisories

10. Wear comfortable walking shoes.

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A vacation package, travel package, discount travel program or cruise vacation package is easy to put together yourself as all have these three things in common:
1. What is there to see
2. Where will you stay.
3. How are you getting there.

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