If you have been waiting for the perfect time to go on holiday, perhaps you should start planning now. With adequate preparation, you can actualize your travel dreams. Below are various questions you need to ask yourself before heading for your dream holiday.

What is My Dream Holiday Destination?

This question may sound odd to some people, while other travel enthusiasts have a list of places they want to visit in their bucket list. List down all your dream vacation destinations and narrow them down to one destination. Identifying where you want to visit makes it easier for you to make financial plans

When Do You Plan on Traveling?

You are allowed to harbor big dreams especially if you are prepared to work hard and save until you actualize your dreams. However, avoid traveling while you are on debt. Once you have cleared all your debts, you can organize a big reward vacation. Use it to celebrate the fact that you are debt free.

Am I Traveling Alone or is Someone Coming with Me?

Have you been discussing surprising your relatives in a different country as a family? Do you and your partner have plans to visit specific destinations together? Have you and your friends or colleagues been fantasizing about a certain destination?

If your vacation is a shared dream, figuring out who is willing and ready to go helps you make the necessary arrangements. Shared vacations are advantageous since the expenses are cost-shared, and you will be in the company of people you love which means less boredom, and more memories.

How much will I spend on this Vacation?

Calculate all the expenses involved from car rentals, airfare, hotels, food, attraction site visits, house rentals, souvenirs, and even activities you plan to participate in. if you are traveling as a group, you can cost share these expenses. However, if you are traveling alone you have to cover all the expenses on your own.

Consider the Time of the Year

If you plan to view the Northern Lights in Iceland, you want to travel during winter. Conduct research before traveling to ensure you experience everything you have ever dreamt about in the right season.

· Save

Your dream vacation is not an ordinary weekend afternoon out trip to the beach. You will need sufficient time to save enough money for your trip. It could take you more than a year to save for your trip. However, getting it right is the most important aspect.

· Time Off

Depending on the people you are traveling with, you are traveling with, you need to consider the time of the year. For instance, traveling with kids can be ideal during summer since schools are usually on a break.

How do I Search for Interesting Getaway Discounts and Deals?

Evaluate your planned holiday and check the possible areas where you are likely to get special deals. Check local attractions, airline tickets, and restaurants inside hotel Jakarta, then subscribe to receive their text alerts and emails regarding discounts. You can also search for cheap airline providers if you want to minimize your travel expenses.

How will I Save for my Dream Holiday?

Analyze your budget and identify any unnecessary spending. Scale back on purchasing things you do not need such as clothes, impulse buying, and eating out. You can also consider doing away with membership programs you no longer need. By making little changes, you can accumulate a lot of money for your travel kitty.


Saving for your dream holiday can be challenging. However, you can sacrifice, and save graciously, knowing that in the end, you will gift yourself with a memorable reward. Remember, never save for your travel when you are in debt. Settle the debt first and start your saving journey towards your dream holiday. Do not worry about how long it might take. In the end, traveling on a fully paid debt free getaway is more fulfilling.

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