With the arrival of the summer, we began to think on a well deserved vacation we have to enjoy to charge batteries. Internet has become the best channel to find travel deals on all target incurred and have very competitive prices. It is also a channel that offers us the opportunity to discover targets which previously would have been impossible to know.

One of these targets being more booming at the moment is the African continent, which is seeing how slowly grow in number tourists who demand a holiday offer in the various countries of Africa thanks to the internet. There are destination that hoard a large tourist tradition but are currently in decline mainly by internal problems of the country, such as Egypt and Tunisia that we pass through your best time touristy. However new destinations where demand grows day by day, of great quality and very competitive prices such as the Gambia or Morocco are in bloom.

Travel to the Gambia from Spain have departure from Madrid and arrival in Banjul, capital of the country, every Wednesday of every month with the Air Europe Company. It is the smallest country in Africa. The Gambia is one of those destinations that will not leave you indifferent, it is a quiet country with stunning beaches, natural landscapes of extreme beauty and that has a great tradition in crafts such as masks, textiles, jewelry, tapestries, etc.

Morocco, in addition to its already well-known resorts such as Marrakech or Tangiers, offers an interesting range of all inclusive in Saidia, a plateamiento similar to the fates of Caribbean and Maya Independancy. Saidia from Spain Travel makes that you plant in little more than one hour in the Moroccan Caribbean departing from Madrid by plane. There is also the possibility of travel by Ferry from Almeria, Malaga and Motril. The regime of the hotels is all inclusive, surrounded by kilometric white sand beaches where you can participate in numerous sports and cultural activities… This summer don’t you think and discover Africa.

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