Established in 1660, the Grand Tour put tourism on the map in Italy. Oddly enough, travelers still enjoy the same travel sights that were onetime favorites on that tour.

Florence is still the jewel of Renaissance Italy. The Medici family greatly influenced this city for centuries, supporting some very famous artists along the way. Some of those included Michalangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Giotto, Pontormo and Boticelli. Make sure to travel Michelangelo’s David, the Palace of Bargello, Basilica of San Lorenzo, Cappelle Medici, Pitti Palace, the Boboli Gardens, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the San Lorenzo market.

Did you know Venice was built on one 117 small islands? In addition, there are over 150 canals, and they’re connected by 409 bridges. The Grand Canal is certainly a tourist travel favorite, and so is the Vaporetto. While visiting this city, be sure to catch the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, The Clock Tower, St. Mark’s Basilica and Square, Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto, Palazzo Pisani and San Rocco.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is most assuredly a tourist highlight. However, the city of Pisa, located on the Arno River, has a number of other attractions you will love, too. Be sure to see the Baptistery, Campo Santo, Santa Maria della Spina, Pisa Cathedral, National Museum and the Campo dei Miracoli.

Bologna offers visitors a chance to see Roman baths, temples and amphitheatres, mixed with Baroque palaces, churches and squares. Make sure to visit the Archeological Museum, Bevilacqua Palace, Palazzo della Mercanzia, St. Dominic’s Church, San Martino, Casa Isolani and the Basilica di San Pietro.

Rome can be an entire vacation, all by itself. Be sure to visit the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Campidoglio, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, the Roman Forum, Castel Sant’Angelo, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pizza is probably one of Italy’s most famous foods, and it originated in Naples. This marvelous city is close to lots of great attractions, so it makes a perfect base for tourists. While you are there, however, be sure to see the Piazza del Plebiscito, Piazza Mercato, The National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Via Toledo, Spaccanapoli, the Duomo, Santa Chiara Church, Castel Dell’Ovo and Teatro San Carlo.

Unearthed in the 18th century, the ruins of Pompeii gave us a look at 2000-year-old temples, villas and art. While you’re there, be sure to see the House of Vettii, the House of the Mysteries, the Necropolis, the House of the Gilded Cupids, the House of Menander, the Stabian Baths and the Street of Tombs.

In modern Ercolano, you will find the remains of Herculaneum. Much of the old town is buried under the modern day one, but it still offers peak at history. While there, be sure to see the Suburban Baths, House of the Bicentenary, House of the Deer, Palestra, and Sacello degli Augustali.

Italy offer visitors a glimpse of Renaissance art, architecture, and Roman antiquities, but it also provides its own heritage of food, wine and music. From the canals of Venice to the Vatican, there is something here for everyone.

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