If you are going to France, you have several different options for places to go. France is a large country with a rich history that is wide and varied. The city of Paris has been around for hundreds of years. It has gone through several different iterations and dozens of different types of government. All of that has led to a city that combines many different types of architecture and art together. The French countryside is very much the same. When people think of France, they often think of Paris, but you would be missing out if you did not spend a few days in the countryside. The time you spend in the countryside can be best spent if you choose a cycling holiday.

Cycling Holidays

If you are headed to France, you should consider cycling on your holiday. Cycling in France is a very popular way to get around. You will be able to experience all the sights, sounds, and smells of the French countryside. However, you will be able to cover far more ground than you would cover if you were walking. If you drive from place to place, you can get there very quickly, but you end up missing out on a lot of the different sights, sounds, and smells. Many of the villages have dedicated bakeries and cheese manufacturers. Camembert cheese, for example, is known for its strong smell. If you want to experience that for yourself, you need to be riding a bicycle and not traveling by car.

The baguettes of France are known all over the world. If you are on a bicycle, you will be able to smell them baking as you approach the bakery. It is a scent that you do not want to miss out on.

Fitness Levels

One concern that is very common about cycling holidays is the needed fitness level. If you are not a dedicated cyclist, will you have trouble with a cycling holiday in France? No, you most certainly will not. You will not have trouble with a cycling holiday since the holidays are designed specifically for many different fitness levels. You will be able to choose a holiday based on the locations you wish to visit. You’ll also be able to choose one based on the distances travelled each day and the number of hills you would have to climb. Finally, there are options for electric bicycles from some holidays as well.

An electric bicycle is a bicycle that has an electric motor. The motor can be a pedal assist motor that simply helps you pedal your bicycle. Alternately, it can supply all of the power needed to move your bicycle. With either of those options, you will be able to go to France and enjoy your cycling holiday, no matter your fitness level.

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