When people recount a vacation they rarely start by describing their hotel, which only means they’ve been staying in boring hotels.

The ice hotel made entirely of frozen water and located outside of Stockholm may not be as traditional as the other hotels in Stockholm city center, but it will leave a lasting impression.

Each year a new ice hotel is constructed in Jukkajarvi in Sweden north of Stockholm and also north of the Arctic Circle. Because the hotel melts every spring no two iterations of the hotel are ever the same. This year marks the 22nd ice hotel ever constructed on this site and is frozen from December to April.

Hotel walls are made out of ice and filled with furniture all constructed out of ice. The beds are topped with reindeer skins to add to the ambiance. Every room is uniquely different and filled with ice sculptures.

But isn’t it cold? Yes, but not as cold as you would think. The ice actually insulates guests and keeps the colder air out. Guests are also provided plenty of warm jackets and blankets to make sure they stay warm.

Because the ice hotel is such a unique property – more of an art project than a hotel in reality – daytime visitors are invited to come and take a tour of the hotel without actually staying the night. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. visitors are welcome to come check out the ice hotel, have a drink or even stay for a meal. There is also a traditional hotel nearby owned by the same company that is outfitted with wooden walls and fireplaces if you’re not up for the adventure of a night in the ice hotel.

The ice hotel is more than just a gimmick. Many a marriage has been hosted in it’s walls and the art hall is filled with elaborate ice sculptures. While it may sound strange, it’s quite an amazing feat and well worth the time spent.

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