Whether you are a native to the UK, or a foreign tourist, the county of Yorkshire has so much to offer, with a very colourful historical background and stunning natural backdrops. The largest county in England, Yorkshire is a treasure trove for the tourist, with the city of York hosting many historical sites, and the vast expanse of the Yorkshire moorlands to explore.

Holiday Base

Staying at the best hotel in Leeds offers you a great base for your holiday, from where you can drive to any of the numerous local attractions, which include the following:

  • Yorkshire Dales
  • North York Moors
  • South Yorkshire
  • West Yorkshire

Hiking Trails

There are literally hundreds of amazing hiking trails in Yorkshire, and you can also rent bicycles on a daily basis, should you wish to explore the amazing scenery on two wheels instead of on foot. The hotel would have all the tourist information, and you could also book trips online, which is very convenient, and whatever your preferences, Yorkshire has it all.

Things to Do in Leeds

Leeds is a vibrant city with many attractions, which include the Abbey House Museum, located in Abbey Road, where you can experience the Danger Zone, a unique exhibition that looks at the hardships that people faced in their daily lives centuries ago.

The city of Hull is very much regarded as the cultural capital of Yorkshire, and this is the only coastal city in Yorkshire, with a mixture of museums, retail stores, and, of course, amazing nightlife.

Taking a holiday in Yorkshire has so much to offer, and whatever your tastes, Yorkshire has something for everyone.

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